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Classic Zipp BT - Find speakers MAC address

iPhone and iPad users

Download the free "AirPort Utility" from Apple App Store.

Enable Wi-Fi setup mode on your speaker by long pressing the lower Wi-Fi button on the backside of your speaker until you see a white blink-pulse-blink signal in the logo-button.

  1. Open "Settings" on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad)
  2. Locate and open "AirPort Utility"
  3. Enable Wi-Fi Scanner
  4. Start the "AirPort Utility" App
  5. Press "Wi-Fi Scan" + "Scan"
  6. Locate your speaker and read your speakers MAC address. 


Android users

New Zipp / Zipp Mini  

  1. Your New Zipp / Zipp Mini speaker must be in setup mode (indicated by two lights blinking from side to side) (If your speaker is not in setup mode, press the Nightingale for 5 sec)
  2. Open "Settings" and "Wi-Fi" on your Android device 
  3. Connect to the speaker in Wi-Fi
  4. Open an internet browser on your Android device and enter in the address line. Click enter
  5. You will now have access to speaker’s web interface where you can read speakers MAC address.


 Classic Zipp, Loop WiFi/PlayDirect

  1. Your speaker must be in setup mode 
  2. Connect to the speaker in Wi-Fi
  3. Open an internet browser and enter in the address line
  4. Press enter and your speakers web interface will show up
  5. Click on more info down on speaker’s web interface to find your speakers MAC address
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