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Classic Lounge - PlayDirect and internet access simultanously

Libratone PlayDirect™ is a great addition to the Libratone feature set. It enables you to stream music stored on your iOS devices or computer wirelessly to your Libratone speaker without the need for an in-home Wi-Fi network.

The iOS operating system currently does not support simultaneous use of Internet data and music services along with Wi-Fi services such as PlayDirect. This means that when your iPhone or iPad is connected to your Libratone Loop, Zipp, Live or Lounge via PlayDirect - you will not have access to the internet nor be able to use streaming music services such as Pandora, Spotify or Radio.

However, here’s a guide that shows you how to enable PlayDirect
and stream music at the same time. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Switch on your Libratone speaker and activate PlayDirect (press the PlayDirect button on the back panel of your Loop or Zipp. Double press the Libratone logo button on Live or Lounge to make it breathe the white PlayDirect pulse - one fast - one slow).
  2. Select Settings and Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Press the Libratone speaker network in the Wi-Fi list and aw ait the network to be selected (checkmark appears).
  4. Enter setup of the Libratone speaker’s Wi-Fi connection by pressing the blue arrow to the right of the network name.
  5. Under IP-address select Static.
  6. Insert as IP-address.
  7. Insert as Subnet Mask.
  8. End configuration by pressing Wi-Fi in the upper left corner.

Enabling the workaround is a one-time operation on your iDevice, so it
stays there until you actively decide to disable it again (by using the “Forget
this Network” option on your PlayDirect connection).

NOTE: Please beware that data and music streaming services can be very data consuming, ie. we recommend only using this feature if you’re on an unlimited data plan with your telecom provider. Alternatively, please carefully monitor your data usage to avoid excessive (expensive) data consumption while using a streaming service.

NOTE: If you abruptly disconnect the connection to your Libratone speaker from your iPhone or iPad, or if your device is carried out of reach of your speaker, you may have to reconnect by switching the speaker OFF and ON.

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