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Classic Zipp BT - DLNA streaming from Android or Windows Phone 8

Music streaming from Android or Windows Phone 8 devices to a Libratone speakeris is performed through DLNA. Read more about setup here:  DLNA - Android / Windows Phone 8 / Windows support

With DLNA enabled firmware on your speakers - you can stream music from your DLNA ready music app on your DLNA ready Android / WP8 / Windows computer to your Libratone speaker without using AirPlay.

Basically your Android / WP8 / Windows computer and your Libratone speaker only need to be connected to the same network. Use your home WiFi or use Libratone PlayDirect™.

Android devices. Simply use the built-in DLNA ready music app on your device. From the app - browse the network for DLNA compatible devices and find your Libratone speaker. Once selected - just play to your speaker.

If your built-in music app isn't DLNA ready - search for another DLNA ready music app - e.g. 2player, BubbleUPnP, UPnPlay or Samsung AllShare Play.

Best Android performance is reached with Android versions JellyBean 4.1/4.2.

Download the Libratone app for Android from Google play here. Use the Libratone app for Wi-Fi setup, Voicing, FullRoom Optimization and Volume control (AUX speaker setup).

Windows Phone 8 (WP8) Several WP8 are currently  DLNA hardware ready - but only a few WP8 have DLNA ready music software installed. Nokia is one of the WP8 manufacturers offering the full package. Upgrade your Nokia Lumia 920/925 with the latest firmware version and enjoy Nokia Lumia music on your Libratone speaker.

Computers - DLNA allows non-AirPlay compatible applications like Windows Media Player 11 and 12 to stream music to your Libratone speaker through "Play To". Try "Play To" on your music library from Windows Explorer.

For information on how to create or troubleshoot a specific DLNA setup on your Android/Windows device - please consult the user manual for your specific device.


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