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Classic Zipp PD - How to AirPlay from ALL your applications on your iOS device

Your iOS device is AirPlay enabled when you run iOS 4.2 or later. This means that any application on your device can utilize AirPlay streaming of audio to your Libratone speaker. If your favorite application does not offer an AirPlay icon directly inside the application, there's an easy way to select this through an iOS shortcut:

Make sure your AirPlay speaker is powered on, set up and connected to your WiFi network.

Tap the Home button on your iOS device twice to access the taskbar on your device.

Swipe right twice in the taskbar to reach the sound adjustment window.

Tap the AirPlay icon now available in the taskbar and select the AirPlay speaker you wish to AirPlay audio to.

Go to the application you use for audio streaming and start playing.

Enjoy :-)

Remember you need to run iOS 4.2 or later for AirPlay to be enabled on your iOS device.

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