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Classic Loop PD - Using an Android device with AirPlay

Android based devices currently do not support AirPlay through a built-in application. If you wish to play music from your Android device to your Libratone speaker you have 2 options:

Use a DLNA setup (highly recommended). Please jump to DLNA - Android / Windows Phone 8 / Windows support

Use a 3rd party Android app with AirPlay support.

Use a 3rd party Android app with AirPlay support
If you wish to use an Android device with a Libratone AirPlay speaker can use an AirPlay compatible media application such as the free "Twonky Mobile" application.

Twonky Mobile is a PacketVideo Corporation product, and can be downloaded from the Google Play App store.
Download Twonky Mobile from the Google Play App Store here.

Once downloaded and installed on your Android device you're ready to set up your Libratone AirPlay speaker on your home WiFi network.

Connect your Libratone AirPlay speaker to your home network like this:

Turn on your Libratone Loop and ensure that your speaker is in PlayDirect mode (check the PlayDirect button on the back panel).

Connect to the Libratone speaker network in WiFi Setings on your Android device.

Launch an internet browser on your Android device and type in the IP address in the address field.

Setup your speaker by entering speaker name, your home WiFi and WiFi password.

Click Apply Settings to finish the AirPlay setup.

Enter WiFi settings on your Android device and reselect your home WiFi network.

Now you're ready to stream your music in high-quality over AirPlay to your Libratone AirPlay speaker.

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