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Classic Lounge - How to AirPlay to more than one speaker

iOS devices

From an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) you can only play one speaker at a time using Apples built-in music app. This is an Apple limitation in the iOS operating system running on your iOS device.

You can however use the third-party Multiroom Player app by WHAALE if you want to play multiple speakers simultaneously from your iPhone or iPad.

Read about WHAALE Multiroom Player here. Download the WHAALE Multiroom Player from App Store here.

Computers (Mac/PC)

If you want if you want to play multiple speakers simultaneously from your computer you have two options:

  1. Through iTunes (Mac/PC) - you can send music to 3-6 speakers at a time. According to Apple - the maximum number of outputs depends on your environmental conditions, distance to the outputs, and available network capacity relative to your other usage. Read more click here. Use the free Apple Remote app to control iTunes on your computer from your iOS device. Read more click here. This way your computer is controlling the speakers and your iOS device is - through Apple remote - controlling your computer.
  2. Use AirFoil from Rogue Amoeba (Mac/PC) to send music or system-wide sound in general to your Libratone speakers. Read about Airfoil here
  3. Use TuneBlade (Windows only). Read about TuneBlade here.
  4. Use Stream What You Hear (Windows only). Read about Stream What You Hear here.

Android devices

The Android OS platform is currently not offering this feature.

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