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Classic Zipp PD - How to change cover on your Zipp

Gone are black speaker boxes! Libratone Zipp comes in all colors of the rainbow. Can't decide on a color? Don't worry!

The wool covers are sold separately and can be changed instantly.

When changing the speaker cover on Libratone Zipp "gentle is the name of the game".

Place the speaker on your lap and unzip the cover.

Turn the handle upwards.

Gently pull down the cover around the connector panel towards the speaker bottom.

Gently unhook the cover from the bottom of the connector panel.

Now loosen the cover from the top of the connector panel.

Remove the wool cover entirely from the speaker by leading the handle through the hole.

To dress the speaker, follow the above steps backwards.

Please check out our Libratone Zipp cover change video here.

Libratone Zipp covers are available in these colors:
Pepper Black, Salty Grey, Icy Blue, Raspberry Red, Pashion Pink, Pineapple Yellow, Plum Purple and Petrol Blue.

Visit the Libratone web store (available in EU and USA) if you wish to buy additional covers.

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