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Classic Loop BT - If your speaker keeps pulsing RED

The speaker is not connected to a Wi-Fi network router. This problem may have several causes:

  • During setup - Wrong Wi-Fi password or illegal (special) characters in Wi-Fi router name (SSID), Wi-Fi password or speaker name. Use only alphanumeric characters. 

  • During use - Bad connection between Wi-Fi router and speaker. Place your speaker next to your Wi-Fi router and restart the speaker. If the connect issue is solved - use Libratone app to read out Wi-Fi router signalstrength on speakers location. To avoid Wi-Fi network connect issues - relocate speaker until signal strength is 60% or above.

  • During use - Heavy Wi-Fi traffic can result in a dropped Wi-Fi connection. Change Wi-Fi router "channel" to a lessor used channel. (Consult your Wi-Fi router's manual to learn more about this feature). 

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