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Classic Live - If setup fails (Factory Reset + New Setup)

If setup fails, we can recommend a speaker factory reset and a new setup through the speaker web interface. 



Perform a factory reset to clear all settings on your Libratone speaker.

  1. Switch OFF your Libratone speaker and wait 1 minute
  2. Maintain logo button pressure and switch ON your Libratone speaker (don't release the logo button until you see a solid yellow light in the logo button)
  3. Your Libratone speaker will initiate the startup process
    1. no light (10 sec) > maintain logo button pressure
    2. fast yellow > maintain logo button pressure
    3. solid yellow > let go of the logo button
  4. Speaker reset is initiated and your Libratone speaker will start pulsing yellow
  5. Speaker is ready in setup mode when the logo button is either RED fast pulsing or shows a white blink-pulse-blink sequence  


Set up the speaker using its web interface.

  1. Open Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC and connect to the Libratone network (Libratone XXXXXX)
  2. Start your internet browser
  3. Enter in the URL and press Enter
  4. On the Libratone setup page choose your home Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password
  5. Press “Apply settings”
  6. Your Libratone speaker will restart (logo button on your Libratone speaker will start pulsing yellow)
  7. Setup is completed when the speaker starts pulsing white. Speaker is ready to be played to through AirPlay. 



  1. On Wi-Fi router: Use wireless standard 802.11g (2.4 GHz) (5 GHz not supported)
  2. On Wi-Fi router: Select WPA2 security + AES encryption (WEP is not recommended)  
  3. On Wi-Fi router: Avoid all special characters in name eg. (:-_/*!”?=.æøüé) Use only numbers and letters in router name/password and speaker name.

Click here to get the complete list of requirements and recommendations.

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