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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Playback stops

Sometimes Internet Radio is interrupted on receipt of notifications (text, email) or system sounds (lock sound, camera shutter) on a Bluetooth connected smartphone. Additionally - streaming is not automatically resumed.   

To resume Internet Radio playback - you must press the favorite button again. *)


To eliminate these interrupts, we recommend that you disconnect all unused Bluetooth connections to your speaker. This will prevent notifications and system sounds from reaching your speaker. 

Alternatively you can achieve the same result by activating Silent Mode on the Bluetooth connected smartphone. 


*) When you press the favorite button to restart Internet Radio, the Internet Radio volume level will follow that of the Bluetooth connected smartphone.

On Android devices, there are not limit on maximum volume level.

On iOS devices, the maximum volume is limited to 50%.

We are right now checking if we can change volume behavior to maintain the original Internet Radio volume level. 

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