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Zipp/Zipp Mini - AirPlay 2

At the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5 this year, Apple announced some great new features in its new operating system – iOS 11.

One part of the iOS 11 update is the new Airplay 2 protocol.

Using the new AirPlay 2, customers can control speakers throughout the house.

Play a song in the living room and the kitchen at the same time, and adjust volume in any room. From an iOS device installed with iOS 11.4 – iOS customers can play music to 2 or more speakers directly.

At Libratone we expect to release new AirPlay 2 enabled speaker firmware for Zipp and Zipp Mini shortly after Apples launch of a functional AirPlay 2.



After a Libratone firmware update - Libratone Zipp and Zipp Mini speakers will support the new AirPlay 2 protocol. 

Libratone is very proud to be among the first audio brands to support the new AirPlay 2 technology.



Legacy speakers like classic Live/Lounge/Zipp/Loop and Diva will not support AirPlay 2.

Can I play to my classic Libratone speakers through iOS 11.4?

Yes - as long as your playing device support AirPlay, you will be able to play your classic Libratone speakers via AirPlay.


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  • Avatar
    Peter Svensson

    So have you released this update yet?

  • Avatar

    Thanks for asking. I have the same question.

  • Avatar
    Rex Raymond

    I'm also looking forward to the firmware update for the Zipp Mini which will enable AirPlay 2, now that iOS 11.4 has been released!

    Edited by Rex Raymond
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    Nikhil Biyani

    Today, Sonos has released the support for Airplay 2. Eagerly waiting for Libratone to roll out the Airplay 2 support.

  • Avatar
    Rex Raymond

    Just got this response from Libratone Support U.S.:

    "You are looking at about a 2 month wait for the new Airplay 2 update. The speakers will support that feature sometime in September."