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Zipp/Zipp Mini - AirPlay 2

At the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5 this year, Apple announced some great new features in its new operating system – iOS 11.

One part of the iOS 11 update is the new Airplay 2 protocol.

Using the new AirPlay 2, customers can control speakers throughout the house.

Play a song in the living room and the kitchen at the same time, and adjust volume in any room. From an iOS device installed with iOS 11.4 – iOS customers can play music to 2 or more speakers directly.

At Libratone we expect to release new AirPlay 2 enabled speaker firmware for Zipp and Zipp Mini shortly after Apple's launch of a functional AirPlay 2.



After a Libratone firmware update - Libratone Zipp and Zipp Mini speakers will support the new AirPlay 2 protocol.



Legacy speakers like classic Live/Lounge/Zipp/Loop and Diva will not support AirPlay 2.

Can I play to my classic Libratone speakers through iOS 11.4?

Yes - as long as your playing device support AirPlay, you will be able to play your classic Libratone speakers via AirPlay.


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    James Nash

    I have had several communications with CS and they are not only fully aware of the inability to use Airplay and Soundscape (i.e.: stereo), it was a known design requirement to make this firmware upgrade work! I am now also having multiple dropouts while even playing a single speaker in Airplay, no less two, and CS is saying it's my network. Total BS.

    Everyone coming here with the same issue should please write Libratone Customer Service to complain. They have dome us a great disservice.

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    Dean M.

    First, a thank you to everyone for posting valuable info that helped the AirPlay2 setup process. I managed to get both of my Zipp Speakers up and running. Definitely, do the homekit app setup. I now have Siri functionality. I can actually tell her what to do as far as playing music I have in Apple Music and what rooms to play it in. It works well in the kitchen and the living room where we have speakers. The homekit app setup finally worked for me once I set up the Zipp specifically in each room that I wanted it. Just touch on the room icon in homekit and than "+" an add your speaker. Homekit saw my speakers almost immediately and tap the gray libratone speaker icon. Apple's orange home icon just takes you back out to the home page. The only issue I'm having now is the naming of speakers in the homekit app. No matter how many times enter it homekit my speaker show as "Kitchen Speaker" which is what I want but my Living room Speaker won't change from "Zipp Living Room" to "Living room". It's more annoying than anything and it's only on the homekit home tab where you see it. In each of the rooms, the icons just say speaker. Now that I have multiple room control it's time to ask Santa for some more Zipp speakers!

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    James Nash

    Greetings all:

    Just received a new Firmware update for my two Zipp 1 speakers, specifically intended to correct the Soundscape/Airplay 2 problem. It's back!!!!

    Thank you Libratone for correcting this issue. I can once again listen to my two speakers in stereo using iTunes, and will resume recommending these excellent devices for anyone looking for the definitive wireless speaker.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Chris S.

    +1 for firmware 809 (released December 2018)! What a fantastic update. This allows combining the very useful Libratone "soundspace" functionality - treating multiple Zipps as a group (with left/right stereo support) - so they appear as a single "speaker" in the AirPlay selector, saving the need to multiple-click the speakers (I have a left/right pair on my desk). I've had issues with some of the firmware releases in the past but this one is super stable so far.

    Through AirPlay 2 I can play music to multiple targets (eg: the Zipps and my Marantz NR1609 AV amp) and the syncing is amazing, considering it's kit from different manufacturers - at least in my limited testing so far. Can't wait for Sonos to release their new AirPlay 2 capable "Amp" to try out the ceiling speakers in my newly refurbished flat - shame Libratone doesn't have a competing product.

    Anyway, thank you Libratone for the hard work in delivering the software that has turned my Zipps into a flawless product (bearing in mind AirPlay 2 didn't even exist when I purchased them 3 years ago)

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    I stupidly updated my Zipp Mini to firmware v809 a few days ago and now it won't work with my Apple Airplay compatible Synology NAS.

    All the other Airplay compatible devices in my home (Libratone Zipp, Apple TV, Pure Contour, Sony Receiver) still work fine but the Libratone Zipp Mini is now just a paperweight.

    I sent a support request to Libratone 4 days ago but have yet to receive any response.

    Does anyone know a way to roll the firmware back to a previous, non-Airplay 2 version please?


    Libratone Support were slow to respond but they did help me to fix this issue in the end.

    They eventually provided me with a copy of the v708 firmware so that I could roll my speaker back to a version that is compatible with my Synology NAS.

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    Nicholas Laslett

    Ross, that is great news. Hopefully they will let others roll back their firmware to v708.

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    Nicholas Laslett

    Okay Firmware v809 fixed my issue. Well done Libratone. I needed to do a factory reset to get the speaker to see the update.