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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Requirements Wi-Fi speaker setup - basics

To create a Wi-Fi setup, you will need a

  1. Wi-Fi router
  2. Playing device

Music will stream from your device via your Wi-Fi router to your Libratone speaker.  

1. Wi-Fi router

A stable connection between your device and router and between your router and speaker is very important. The more powerful your router, the more stable your connection will be. 

Apple AirPort routers are well suited for an AirPlay Wi-Fi setup. However, Libratone speakers will work with most new routers. 

If you go for an Apple AirPort router, you can choose between AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. To ensure stable connection from all over your home, you can extend your network with one or more AirPort Express units.

If you are using a non-Apple router solution, and you want to extend your network, please ensure that your Wi-Fi extender is of same brand as your Wi-Fi router. 

Please be aware of the following when configuring your router.

  • 802.11 b/g/n is SUPPORTED (NOTE: 5 GHz channels restriction. Read more here)
  • 802.11 ac is NOT SUPPORTED
  • Choose 2.4 GHz for better range and 5 GHz for better bandwidth. (Libratone legacy speakers support only 802.11 b/g 2.4 GHz) (NOTE: 5 GHz channels restriction. Read more here)
  • Libratone recommend WPA2 security and AES encryption
  • Avoid any kind of special characters in router name (SSID), router password and speaker name

2. Playing device

Your playing device can be 

  • An iOS device (iPhone, iPad) (AirPlay)
  • An Android device (smartphone, tablet) (DLNA)
  • A Windows computer (AirPlay/DLNA)
  • A Mac computer (AirPlay)
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