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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Set up a left/right channel solution

FullRoom™ technology is a 360° sound experience created by specially designed drivers inside Libratone speakers. Unlike conventional speakers that play to a “sweet spot” directly in front of the speaker, FullRoom™ technology disperses sound in all directions for an unrivalled experience – no matter where the listener happens to be.

To release the full potential of your speaker, Libratone recommends a 360° FullRoom™ setup.

Our SoundSpace Link products (Zipp and Zipp Mini), however, come with the option to create a left/right channel solution. Click here for information about how to link your speakers via SoundSpace Link.

Once your speakers are linked, follow these steps to assign channels: 

  1. Open the Libratone App
  2. Select the speaker group marked LINK
  4. Tap the 'S" button to toggle between Stereo, Left and Right
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