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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Speaker setup issue using a 5 GHz Wi-Fi router and channels 52-64 or 100-128

Some users may experience problems connecting their Libratone Zipp or Zipp MINI to their 5 GHz wireless network.

The problem is related to Wi-Fi routers using 5 GHz and one of these blocked channels: 

Channel Frequency
52 5260
56 5280
60 5300
64 5320
100 5500
104 5520
108 5540
112 5560
116 5580
120 5600
124 5620
128 5640


The reason for not supporting these channels is that several countries do now allow 5 GHz communication on these channels to avoid interference with weather-radar and military applications.

If your router is using one of these channels, please change to a channel different from the channels listed above. 

For directions on how to check and change router channel, please consult your routers setup manual. 

If your router does not support any 5 GHz channels, besides the channels above, we recommend using a 2.4 GHz wireless network setup.

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    Denis Schmitz

    I have two libratones Zipp connected to the same 5ghz network as my macBookPro. they are soudlinked in stereo. the wifi is decent with a RSSI of -63 dbm and noise of -93dbm. Still I experience dropouts with airplay 2 Netflix. I tried to lower even more the RSSI by setting a better channe.l my only choices left amongst not blocked channel are 132 136. both seems to be blocked as well, RSSI on those are 57 dbm. not sure it would have solved the stability issue I m experiencing though, frustrating situation.