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Zipp/Zipp Mini - TV setup

The Zipp and Zipp Mini are equipped with an analog 3.5" AUX mini jack input, which allows for a wired connection to a TV.

To connect a Zipp or Zipp Mini to your TV, join a (preferably shielded) mini jack cable between the "Headset Out" port on your TV and the speaker's AUX port. As opposed to a TV setup with an optical cable (not supported), this configuration allows you to adjust the volume of the output using your existing TV remote.

If you start playing to the speaker using AirPlay while watching TV, the speaker will automatically ignore the TV input.

TV sound to a SoundSpace speaker group

It is not recommended to send TV sound to a SoundSpace speaker group. 

Problem is, that - when playing the SoundSpace speaker group - the music is sent over the WiFi router which result in a TV sound delay.  

Solution: Dissolve the speaker group and use a mini jack splitter-cable to send cabled sound to both speakers. 

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