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Classic Beat - If your speaker doesn't play when connected via minijack

Try raising the volume on the connected device. If the volume is too low Libratone Beat doesn't detect the minijack input.

If you have a wireless source playing your Libratone Beat automatically switches to the wireless input and overrules the minijack input.

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    Christophe Veys

    Since Airplay 2 I tried diffrent settings to keep an interesting setup with a Beat and a Live.
    But the Beat keeps putting himself in StandBy mode after 5 minutes, as if no sound arrived, even if he's playing. This is really annoying, and I understood that you encouraged to use the first model Airport Express instead of the 2nd generation, but those are the only Airplay 2 compatible.
    So my question resuming is :
    1) How block this 5 minutes Stand-By method, since it is really inadequate.
    2) If not possible, what could make him believe sound is streaming anyway ?


    Christophe from Brussels, Libratone Fan ;-)