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Zipp/Zipp Mini - About AirPlay

With AirPlay, you can use your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) to send any kind of audio to your Zipp or Zipp Mini.

With at least one AirPlay speaker connected to your Wi-Fi network, you will see the AirPlay icon (below) appear in your Music app and in Control Center (iOS), or in iTunes on your Mac or PC. When tapping the icon, you will be presented with a list of available speakers on your network.

Since AirPlay relies on Wi-Fi, playback stability is closely tied to the quality of your network. Additionally, AirPlay uses the Apple Lossless codec, which means that audio will not be compressed unless it exceeds CD quality. This is great for audiophiles, but it also means that the data stream can take up a lot of bandwidth. A capable router is therefore recommended if you plan on using your speaker with AirPlay.


Airplay 2 

Read about the new AirPlay 2 here.

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