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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Internet Radio

Internet radio is a brand new feature on the Zipp and Zipp Mini, and is available as soon as your speaker connects to your Wi-Fi network.

The top 5 radio stations in your geographical area will automatically be preloaded into Favourites.

To activate Internet radio, short press the Favourites button (the heart below the Nightingale). To jump to the next radio channel in your Favourites list, short press the Favourites button to scroll through the stations one at a time.

To mute/unmute Internet radio, short press the Nightingale. 

To stop Internet Radio use the tip of your finger and press and hold the Favourites button (the heart below the Nightingale) for approx. 5 sec.

From power off, internet radio will always play the channel 1 in your Favourites list.

To find out which radio channel is playing, simply short press the Favourites button.

You can use the Libratone App to store your favourite radio stations. Read about how to change the stored radio stations here.

Internet Radio is provided by vTuner.

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    How the fuck can we remove this function and those preloaded spammy stations?