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Classic Zipp PD - Power management and recommendations

When battery powered - your Zipp speaker automatically enters sleep mode if not used for 30 consecutive minutes. Press the logo button briefly to power on the speaker again.

When charging is needed connect the power adapter into a working electrical outlet. Plug-in the other end of the power adapter into the bottom of your Zipp speaker. Leave it connected on mains until the battery indicator turns solid green, which indicates that it is fully charged. A full charge takes approximately 1½-2 hours.

These are our recommendations regarding good battery behavior.

If you are able to plug in your Libratone Zipp during use - please do so.

When playing your Zipp battery driven - please charge when the battery indicator turns solid RED indicating battery level is below 10%.

If you need to leave your Libratone Zipp unused for a longer period of time - please charge your speaker before leaving it.

By following these recommendations you will optimize your Libratone Zipp battery lifespan.

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