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Classic Zipp PD - If your Libratone AirPlay speaker keeps pulsing red instead of pulsing slow white

The speaker cannot connect to a wireless network. This problem may have several causes:

  • Wrong wireless network information and/or a failure in the connection between the speaker and the home network. Ensure that Wireless Network Name and Wireless Network Password are correct. If you use speciel characters such as #,&% or any national characters in either your Speaker Name, Wireless Network Name or Wireless Network Password, please replace these characters with alphanumeric characters only. The latest Libratone speaker firmware - released February 5th 2013 - accepts most special characters though.

  • The speaker can't locate the wireless network. If you have several WiFi networks in your home, try to turn off the ones not used by the speaker.

  • Try to relocate either your speaker or your router to strengthen the network signal. Your speaker and your router needs to be in range of each other and with strong signal strength between them.

  • Try to change the "channel" upon which your router operates (consult your router's manual to learn more about this feature). Having many networking devices operating on the same channel can seriously degrade network performance and thus cause audio dropouts on your AirPlay connection.


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