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Classic Diva - Optical cable TV connection

Libratone Diva is equipped with an optical Toslink input which allows for a wired connection to your TV.

Use Optical Out on your TV and connect an optical cable between TV and speaker.

If TV optical out is not controlled by your normal TV remote - you can use IR Learning in Libratone App to "teach" your IR TV remote to control speaker volume.

Follow this procedure if you are using our latest Libratone App version (iOS: 4.0.3 Android 1.1.0):

  • Open Libratone App 
  • Click SoundSpaces
  • Click Diva speaker
  • Settings
  • IR Learning

If you start streaming AirPlay to your Diva from a mobile device or computer - the sound source will automatically switch from your TV to AirPlay streaming since AirPlay is prioritized.

Click here if your IR learning is not working.

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