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ONE/TOO - Firmware Update

From time to time, new firmware is released for your Libratone speaker.

Libratone recommend to upgrade speaker firmware when new firmware is released. 

Once Bluetooth connected with your smartphone - start Libratone App and find your speaker in SoundSpaces. An exclamation mark on the circle around your GO speaker, indicates that a firmware update is available.


Simply click your GO speaker to initiate the firmware update.

Make sure that the speaker is connected to power, and that the battery level is above 20%.

The update procedure consists of 2 steps. 

  1. download firmware to smartphone
  2. firmware update speaker

During step 2 the speaker will power OFF. Be patient. After 1-2 minutes the speaker will automatically power ON again and connect to your smartphone.

Don't turn off Bluetooth on the smartphone during the update process.

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