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ONE/TOO - Bluetooth connection fails

On rare occasions, connecting to your speaker via Bluetooth fails, and you will need to reestablish pairing between the two devices.

Follow this procedure:

1. Delete existing Libratone Bluetooth pairing

In the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone, delete/forget the existing Libratone Bluetooth pairing and switch Bluetooth OFF/ON.

2. Enable Bluetooth pairing mode on your speaker

Press and hold the Nightingale until a side-by-side blinking setup sequence appears.

3. Pair your smartphone and your speaker

In the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone, locate your Libratone speaker and tap to pair.


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    Brenda K Sonneveldt

    Appreciate it! I finally sat down to figure out why things were not connecting. Happy this was the second link I tried because it worked. For whoever gets frustrated, keep it up with step number 2. For some reason, that did not work on my first try, but it did on my 2nd.