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Classic Lounge - Logo Button signals

Your Libratone Lounge speaker uses the following LED signals in the Status Indicator to show its operating status:

  • WHITE Breathing: "I'm OK - Just sleeping".

  • WHITE Sequence - "I'm OK - Ready for PlayDirect and in Setup Mode"

  • WHITE Solid: "I'm playing" (AirPlay, PlayDirect, DLNA or AUX)

  • YELLOW Pulse: Booting or Updating.

  • RED Pulse: "Help me" (Network problem)

  • RED Solid: Standby.


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    Jens brix

    Mine is blinking yellow for hours. Reset doesn’t help. Tried everything. Only thing that helps, is powering off and then wait an hour or two. Not very satisfying...🤨 pleas come up with some here and now help.