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ONE/TOO - Model variants

Libratone ONE Click

The powerful, book-shaped ONE Click is designed to fit perfectly into any backpack or messenger bag.

It features a sporty bumper-like frame with two interchangeable handles – one conventional and one hook for hanging on a bag, bench or branch.

With ONE Click, users can change the way they carry or wear it.


Libratone ONE Style

Honouring the classic minimalistic Libratone design with an exclusive rubber frame and simple finger loop, the ONE Style’s book-shaped form factor makes it ready to pop into any backpack.

The ONE Style is designed to fashionably accompany any on-the-go outfit.


Libratone TOO

Shaped like your water bottle, the Libratone TOO is just as essential. 

Packing impressive power and a range of innovative features, it slides cleverly into the side pocket of a backpack, and sits on the ground or table as the center of the party. 

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