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On-Ear - Touch Interface

Use the Touch Interface on your Q Adapt On-Ear headphone to Play, Pause, skip track, activate Hush function, or simply to crank up the volume. You can also answer and end phone calls.

Play and Pause

Tap the Nightingale using two or more fingers to Pause music. Use the same procedure to Play again. 

Skip track - (forward)

Double-tap the Nightingale using two or more fingers to skip to next track.

Skip track - (backward)

Tripple-tap the Nightingale using two or more fingers to skip to previous track.


Place your hand over the Touch Interface for 3 seconds to activate Talk-Through on your headphones. The music is stopped and the microphones are activated allowing you to hear people talking to you without having to remove your On-Ear. Use same procedure to resume playback.

Answer and end a phone call

Use the built-in microphone for phone calls. Tap anywhere on the Touch Interface using two or more fingers to answer and end a phone call.

Activate Siri (iOS)

To activate Siri on your Q Adapt On-Ear, simply press and hold the Touch Interface with two fingers for approx. 5 seconds until music stops and you hear an audio cue from your iOS device.

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