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On-Ear - CityMix™ - Adjustable Noise Cancelling

Choose how much of the world you let in with CityMix™ adjustable noise cancelling. Experience outstanding music quality and clearer conversations - all with the touch of a button.

Choose between four CityMix™ levels.  

Adjust the CityMix™ level directly on the Function button on your Q Adapt On-Ear headphones.

Short press the Function button to scroll through the four CityMix™ levels, one at a time.

CityMix™ control is also available in Libratone App.

Select your Q Adapt On-Ear headphone in SoundSpaces, and slide your finger around the CityMix™ Control Circle to switch between the four CityMix™ levels.

To allow maximum talk through, simply click the Hush button to mute your music and deactivate any noise cancelling.

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