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Track Air+ - E-manuals

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    Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Hello. I bought a pair of Libratone Air + headphones, unfortunately during the fall one of the headphones was damaged, the other works normally. So I bought a second pair, it happened exactly the same, except that the second earphone dropped. Can you pair the left handset from one set to another from the other set? I have already spent a lot and for now I would like to wait for newer models, thank you in advance for any help you will give me.

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    Paul Sprengel

    I bought a pair of these, but they came without the eartips. Is there a way to get them?

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    Hallo ich bin der Justin und habe eine Frage mir ist gerade beim musikhören der recht earbud aus der Fassung gefallen was soll ich tun