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App (iOS13) - Activate WiFi/Bluetooth message

Did you update your device to iOS 13 and does the Libratone app ask you to activate WiFi and Bluetooth?

Here is why and what to do.

Apple has decided that you as an iOS user should have more control over which apps are allowed to use location data.

Our app uses location data from Bluetooth and WiFi to detect nearby devices and thereby also to show them in the app. We also use the location data to be in compliance with any country related restrictions.

You can read more in our App Privacy Policy here.

This permission for the location data was previously automatically accepted by iOS but after iOS 13 this must be accepted manually by you. 

You will need to make sure the location data permission for the Libratone app is set to "While Using" and allow access to Bluetooth (See pictures below). 

​ ​

After doing so, please go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and click "Allow New Connections" if this is showing.

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