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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Wi-Fi setup (Windows PC/Phone, BlackBerry) (ESP)

Libratone recommends using the Libratone App to set up and customise your speaker. However, if for some reason you don’t have access to the Libratone App, you can easily set up your speaker directly from your Windows Phone, Blackberry or Windows PC.

  1. Ensure your speaker is in setup mode (activated out of the box). Setup mode is signalled by a side-by-side blinking signal on the Touch Interface. If you need to activate setup mode manually, click here
  2. On your PC, open "Wi-Fi" and select your speaker in the Wi-Fi list
  3. Open a browser and enter this address:
  4. Select "Setup"
  5. Select "Wi-Fi Network"
  6. Enter "Wi-Fi Password"
  7. Click "Apply Settings"
  8. You will hear an audio cue when setup is done
  9. Upon "Settings is successful" press "Close"

After setup, you can stream music from your Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Windows PC through DLNA. 

Click here for information about how to play to through DLNA.

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