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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Playlist Spotify - enregistrement et lecture (FRA)

The new Spotify Quick Play feature delivers easy access to your 5 favourite Spotify tracks or playlists –right from the Zipp/Zipp Mini speaker touch interface.

Now you don’t even need to find your phone to enjoy Spotify!



  • firmware 554 or later on your Zipp/Zipp Mini speaker. More info about firmware update here.
  • Newest version of Libratone Android or iPhone App. Find more info about availability here.
  • Spotify Premium account


How to Store

1. Open the Libratone App

2. In the main menu press the SPOTIFY icon in "MY MUSIC


3. Spotify will open.


4. Press "Your Library" down at the right hand side

5. Select "Playlists"


6. Press the Playlist you want to add to your speakers favorites

7. Press SHUFFLE PLAY or simply play a number in your playlist


8. Press the song playing and select your Zipp/Zipp Mini speaker in Devices Available in Spotify


9. Go back to the Libratone App. Press your Zipp/Zipp Mini speaker in SOUNDSPACES and select FAVOURITES and then press the + in the circle up on the right hand side.


10.  Tap on the arrow down on the right hand side to add the playlist to favourites on the speaker


11. Select position to store


12.  All done. Now you can start the Playlist - without your mobile/device. It's also easy to add, edit or remove. 


How to play using Quick Play Access

1.  On the speaker Touch Interface - press the heart icon. Press x1 for first Favorite location,  x2 for the second ... and so on. The LED lights will shift from 1 > 5 as you scroll. 


2.  Use the Zipp Touch Interface to play, pause, track skip and adjust volume. Control everything directly from your speaker. Simply a great way to play Spotify at home. 



Spotify Playlists in general

Feel free to read about Spotify Playlists in general here

in general here

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