Libratone Support


Classic Zipp BT - Compatibility

Libratone speakers are for everyone and anyone who wants to set their music free.

Therefore, compatibility is a top priority for us.  

In general, Libratone speakers work flawlessly with these devices: 

  • iPhone - 3GS and later  (AirPlay, Bluetooth, Spotify Conntect, USB, AUX) 
  • iPad - All generations  (AirPlay, Bluetooth, Spotify Conntect, USB, AUX)
  • iPod touch - 2nd generation and later (AirPlay, Bluetooth, Spotify Conntect, USB, AUX)
  • Android devices using Android OS 4.0 and later  (Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, DLNA*, AUX)
  • Windows Phone 8 (Bluetooth, DLNA*, AUX)
  • Blackberry Phone (Bluetooth, DLNA*, AUX)
  • MAC Computers (AirPlay, Bluetooth, AUX)
  • Windows Computers (AUX)
  • TV (AUX) 
* Music app must support playback to DLNA enabled speakers


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