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Classic Diva - iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac - AirPlay Wi-Fi network setup

We have done everything in our power to make your Libratone sound system as simple and user friendly as possible. Choose one of the setup options below to get started. 

AirPlay is a technology designed by Apple to transmit audio instantly from source to source within a Wi-Fi network. Once setup is done - and your speaker is connected to your Wi-Fi router - you can stream from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac computer. This means that you have your entire music library in the palm of your hand, ready to be set free.

  • Libratone App setup - Download Libratone iPhone App from Apple App Store. Start Libratone app and select "Set up a new speaker" and follow instructions.  
  • Alternative iOS setup  - Choose Setting on your iOS device. Locate "Set up new AirPlay Speaker" and select your speaker. Press Next and your speaker will reboot connected to your Wi-Fi network. 
  • Alternative Mac setup - Choose Wi-Fi on your Mac and select your speaker in "New AirPlay Speaker" Press Next and your speaker will reboot connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

Now you're ready to stream your music in high-quality over AirPlay to your Libratone AirPlay speaker. 

If Setup fails, click here.



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