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Classic Loop PD - Libratone PlayDirect™ and how to use it

Libratone PlayDirect™ technology is wireless sound on-the-go and works in conjunction with both AirPlay and DLNA.

No need for a Wi-Fi network connection or complicated setup. Libratone PlayDirect™ is freedom of sound everywhere made very, very easy.

If your speaker is also setup for AirPlay - you can toggle between PlayDirect and AirPlay through the connect panel on the backside of the speaker. Press the upper button for PlayDirect or the lower button for AirPlay.

Unfortunately Apple's iOS operating system currently does not support simultaneous use of Internet data and music services along with Wi-Fi services such as Libratone PlayDirect™. This means that when your iPhone or iPad is connected to your Libratone Loop via PlayDirect you will not - standard - have access to the internet nor be able to use streaming music services such as Pandora, Spotify or Rdio.

However, help is at hand, we have prepared a guide here to show you how to enable Libratone PlayDirect™ and streaming music services at the same time.

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