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Classic Loop BT - Android/Windows DLNA setup

We have done everything in our power to make your Libratone sound system as simple and user friendly as possible. Read below how to get started. 


Stream music from your non iOS mobile device through DLNA. Basically your mobile device and your speaker only need to be connected to the same network. Connect through your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. 

  • Libratone App setup - Download Libratone Android App from Google Play. Connect to the Libratone speaker network in Wi-Fi Setings on your Android device. Start Libratone app and select + up on the right hand side. Select speaker, Wi-Fi network, FullRoom settings and Voicing. Press Done to complete setup and restart speaker Wi-Fi network connected.


  • Browser setup - Connect to the Libratone speaker network in Wi-Fi Setings on your Mac/PC or Android device. Launch an internet browser and enter IP address in the address field. Enter speaker name and select Wi-Fi network (SSID) and Wi-Fi network password. Click Apply Settings to finish the AirPlay setup. Speaker will reboot connected to your Wi-Fi network. Now you're ready to stream your music in high-quality over DLNA to your Libratone AirPlay speaker. 


Click here for information about how to play through DLNA.

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