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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Sleep Timer (ITA)

Decide down to the minute when your Zipp/Zipp Mini should power down for the night. Make tuck-in time cozier and your nights perfectly peaceful.


  • firmware 554 on your Zipp/Zipp Mini speaker. More info about firmware update here.
  • Newest version of Libratone Android or iPhone App. Find more info about availability here.

How to set the Sleep Timer

1. Open the Libratone App

2. Press your Zipp/Zipp Mini speaker in SOUNDSPACES

3. Press "SETTINGS" down on the right hand side


4. Press "Sleep Timer


5. Set the Sleep Timer time by adjusting the outer circle in a clockwise rotation and press "START"


6. Your Sleep Timer is now active. Feel free to lean back and relax :)


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