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Zipp/Zipp Mini - QQ music and QPlay (ITA)

Using QQ music

QQ music is a popular on-line music player at China. On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), you can use AirPlay to transfer audio from QQ music to your speaker. And on both iOS and Android device, you can use QPlay, provided by QQ music, to transfer audio to your speaker.


QPlay is a wireless streaming technology offered by QQ music to all users. Any QPlay certified wireless speaker can support wireless streaming, remote control from mobile device, playlist, wireless playback control, lossless local music playback and so on via QQ music.

In order to use QPlay, you need to enable this function in the settings of QQ music. Using QPlay, you can choose a playlist and once the music has started, you can turn off the mobile device or use it for other purpose. The speaker will get the streaming from network by itself and keep playing.

How to use QPlay

  1. Connect your iOS/Android device and speaker to the same network
  2. Open QQ music and enable QPlay function in settings
  3. Play music
  4. Press the icon ‘ ’ of QPlay at playing page, select your speaker in the device list


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