Libratone Support


On-Ear - Name not listed correctly in Bluetooth

Follow this procedure if your On-Ear customized name is not listed correctly in the Bluetooth list on your iPhone:  

  1. Use Libratone App to re-name your On-Ear
  2. Switch OFF your On-Ear
  3. Go to "Settings" and "Bluetooth" on your iPhone
  4. Locate your On-Ear (Libratone Q ADAPT O....) in "My Devices" and press the "i" on the right hand side
  5. Press "Forget This Device" 
  6. Press "Forget This Device" again
  7. Switch ON your On-Ear
  8. Activate paring mode by long pressing the setup button on the right side of you On-Ear until a side-to-side signal appears in the Touch Interface
  9. Go to "Settings" and "Bluetooth" on your iPhone
  10. Now you can press your re-named On-Ear in "Other Devices"