Libratone Support


ZIPP2 / ZIPP2 Mini - How to update speaker firmware

From time to time new firmware is released to introduce new cool features.

Use the Libratone app to perform the firmware update.

If an update is available, an exclamation mark will show up on the speaker icon as shown below:



To update, simply tap your product and follow the instructions.

An addition to the ZIPP2 compared to ZIPP1 is the new menu layer where you can update the firmware directly on the speaker.

You'll find the icon with "a square and an arrow" to be flashing if your speaker needs an update.


  • Always upgrade your Libratone app to the latest version before updating speaker firmware.
  • Always connect your speaker to mains before starting the firmware update.
  • An exclamation mark can also mean "Weak Wi-Fi signal strength".
  • A firmware update can also be signaled as "a square with an arrow" as shown here: