Libratone Support


App - Internet Radio Playback.

Internet radio playback is available through Libratone App and directly on the ZIPP/ZIPP MINI speakers as well.

To start Internet Radio through Libratone App - please follow this procedure:

  1. Start Libratone App
  2. Press INTERNET RADIO in MY MUSIC on the HOME PAGE (default start up screen).You can always reach the HOME PAGE through the Libratone App main menu. Press the 3 dots up on the right hand side to come to the main menu.
  3. Select your radio station by using LOCATION, GENRE, NEW STATIONS, MOST POPULAR STATIONS or LANGUAGES.

Start, stop, pause

For information about how to start, stop and pause please select your product in the list below:

Favourite radio stations

You can use Libratone App to change and store your favourite radio stations.

Read about how to change the preloaded radio stations here.

Internet Radio is provided by vTuner.

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