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Zipp/Zipp Mini - About SoundSpaces™ and SoundSpace Link

Libratone speakers let you create your own SoundSpaces™ – and listen how and wherever you want, with one or multiple speakers. The experience is yours.


SoundSpace Link is the feature on your speaker that lets you create SoundSpaces with two or more speakers. It links (SoundSpace Link-enabled) speakers together and allows you to connect, combine and control them as a group or individually.

You can link your speakers with your Libratone App or by using the Touch interface on the speakers. You can create up to 8 groups of speakers, each comprising up to 6 speakers. You can have up to 16 speakers on your Wi-Fi.

Please check out our Libratone SoundSpace Link video here.

Released October 2015, our SoundSpace Link products (Zipp and Zipp Mini) are enabled with SoundSpace Link. With two or more SoundSpace Link speakers and a Wi-Fi router, you are ready to create your own personal SoundSpace speaker group.             


Excellent network performance is essential when playing linked speakers. Playback stability is strongly related to:

  1. Wi-Fi router performance
  2. Signal strength between device and Wi-Fi router
  3. Signal strength between Wi-Fi router and speaker

Sufficient Wi-Fi bandwidth and local environmental conditions, such as building composition and wireless interference, also influence Wi-Fi stability. Read more about Wi-Fi stability here.

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