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Zipp/Zipp Mini - Firmware versions

Libratone regularly releases new speaker firmware to improve product performance and add new features. We recommend that you update your speaker firmware as soon as new firmware is released.

Zipp / Zipp Mini firmware overview:

Firmware version


Release notes


December 15

- Solves stereo issue while using Airplay 2

- Solves iTunes dropout problem


October 15, 2018

- Airplay 2 

- Bug fixes


March 14, 2018

- General performance enhancements

- Solves a problem with unexpected noise when the battery is low

- Minor bug fixes


December 13, 2017

- Added support for Amazon Alexa skills (Only US, Canada and UK). Zipp and Zipp Mini can now be controlled via Alexa enabled devices such as Echo Dot

- Added support for Tidal. You can now play and add presets directly from Libratone App.

- Added more volume steps

- Improvements and bug fixes


September 27, 2017

Read here how to update speaker firmware

Added support for Bluetooth volume synchronization.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


June 2017

KaiShu Story is included in the Chinese version.


March 2017

Set a Spotify Playlist as favourite on your speaker.

This feature is available in Android App version 2.6.7 which was released March 3rd 2017.

Sleep Timer

Bug fixes and performance improvements.



March 2017


Speakers startup time is reduced to approx. 10 seconds.

New Standby behavior is introduced. When connected to mains - the speaker enters standby after 30 minutes of inactivity and the Touch Interface is dimmed to a dot in standby mode.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


November 2016

Factory default version


October 2016

Factory default version


May 2016

Factory default version


October 2015

Factory default version

Use the Libratone App to update your speaker firmware. Read about firmware updates here.

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