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Zipp/Zipp Mini - The Touch interface

You can control everything on your Zipp and Zipp Mini using the Touch interface. Play, pause, skip, choose your Internet radio station, adjust volume and link your speaker to other speakers. It also acts as a battery indicator.

You can interact with the Touch interface in the following ways:

  • Tap
  • Press and hold (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup mode)
  • Slide clockwise (raise volume)
  • Slide counter clockwise (lower volume)
  • Place your hand over (Hush)

SoundSpace Link

To link two or more speakers, tap the SoundSpace Link icon on Speaker #1. The icon will start pulsating on all speakers available on your Wi-Fi network. Then touch the icon on all the speakers that you want linked.


Internet radio and Favourites

To listen to Internet radio, tap the Favourites icon. The speaker saves your Top 5 radio stations, which you can scroll through one at a time by tapping the Favourites icon. You can adjust which radio stations are in your Favourites using the Libratone app. 

Volume control

To turn the volume up, slide your finger around the Nightingale in a clockwise motion. A counter clockwise motion turns the volume down.

Battery indicator

When the speaker is turned on, briefly tap the power button to bring up the battery indicator. The battery indicator is shown as dots around the Nightingale. A full circle indicates full battery capacity, while one red dot signals that you should charge the speaker soon.

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