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Zipp/Zipp Mini - How to change the cover (NL)

Follow these steps to change the cover on your Zipp or Zipp Mini speaker:

1. Push the silver circle in and twist to the
right to remove the strap.
2. Unzip the cover at the base of the speaker.
3. Slide the cover up and off
4. Take your new cover (zipper side down)
and slide over the top of the speaker
(TIP: Do not pull the top of the cover all
the way over the top of the speaker).
5. Gently pull the elastic cover away from the
speaker and tuck it under the lip of the
speaker top until it is fitted all the way around.
6. Line up the box of the zipper with the
zipper pin and slide the pin in all the way
(just like zipping a jacket). Zip the cover
around the base of the speaker.
7. Replace the ZIPP handle circle by pushing it
into the hole at the top of the speaker, and
turn to the right until it locks into place.

A Libratone cover change video is available here.

Libratone Zipp covers comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes and complement any kind of interior. Find more information about speaker cover variants here.

Extra covers are sold separately. Visit the Libratone web shop (available in EU and USA) or your local Libratone reseller if you wish to buy additional covers.

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