Libratone Support


Music streaming from Android or Windows Phone 8 devices to a Libratone speakeris is performed through DLNA. Read more about setup here:  DLNA - Android / Windows Phone 8 / Windows support With DLNA enabled firmware on your speakers - you can stream music

Zipp supports Bluetooth 4.0 in APT-X CD-quality.

If you are not able to connect your Zipp with to a Wi-Fi network you can still play your speaker wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Bluetooth also comes in handy if you want to give guests access to your Zipp speaker without handing out your Wi-Fi network password.

Press the Bluetooth button on the backside of the speaker for 3 sec to enable Bluetooth pairing.

Enable Bluetooth on your iOS device and search for available Bluetooth speakers. Select your Libratone speaker in the Bluetooth list at you are ready to go.

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