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Spotify Premium Subscribers

Enjoy Spotify on your Libratone speaker and liberate your iOS / Android device. Using Spotify Connect, you can now ask Spotify to send music directly to your Libratone speaker.


  • receiving phone calls without stopping your tunes
  • controlling wireless Spotify music playback from iOS and Android devices


To enable Spotify Connect playback directly to your Libratone speaker - your must:

  • be a Spotify Premium subscriber and use the latest version on your iOS / Android device
  • update speaker firmware on your Libratone Loop speaker. Use Libratone app for iOS or Android to upgrade your speaker firmware


All you need to do is:

  1. Simply start Spotify on your iOS / Android device and select your music
  2. Click the Spotify Connect speaker symbol and select your Libratone speaker

Once the music is playing you can turn off your iOS / Android device, or use it for other purposes. Spotify music will continue to flow from your Libratone speaker. If you wish to select new music, adjust the volume etc., simply use any Spotify app logged into your account.


Other Spotify Subscribers

From iOS devices

To stream music from Spotify on an iOS device, simply tap the AirPlay icon in the lower right hand corner of the Spotify play screen.

Remember that the AirPlay icon will only appear if your Libratone speaker and your iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network.

Alternatively you can double press the home button on your iOS device and swipe the screen to the right to make a small music menu appear in the bottom. Press the AirPlay icon.

From Android devices

Because Spotify isn't DLNA or AirPlay compatible you can't transfer Wireless Spotify sound to a Libratone speaker.

You can of course always use a mini jack cable between an Android device with Spotify installed and a Libratone speaker.

From PC / MAC

Spotify does currently not support AirPlay from computers but you can use this guide to send Spotify to an AirPlay speaker:

PC - To stream music to a Libratone speaker from Spotify on your PC, you need to use a 3. Party audio grabber like Airfoil for Windows 3.5 (Rogue Amoeba).You can download a trial version or buy AirFoil for only

MAC (Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.3 or later)

Select your AirPlay speaker in "System Preferences"

Press "Sound" and select "Output".

Choose your "Libratone speaker"

If you are using OS X Lion 10.7 or previous versions, follow the same procedure as "Spotify from PC" and download Airfoil for Mac 4.8. 

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